Easily set full length songs or audiofiles as ringtones with Ringtone Saver

Finally an easiest solution for a common problem on Windows Phone - how to set an audio file as a ringtone ?

After saving the files as ringtones you can easily set the tones on a contact. You can also set ringtones on different mail accounts, sms messages and other notifications.
Use music from your phone or from OneDrive (Win 10).
File types supported are: .mp3, .wma, .m4a, .m4r and .ringtone.
Set ringtones from the app or rename your songs with the ending .ringtone and just click them.
No need for connecting your phone to a pc to set ringtones.
For Developers: You can now launch a audio file from your app with the ending .ringtone, and it will be set automatically as a ringtone.