GooTile Ringtone

GooTile Ringtone allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones, text tones, and alerts using songs in your music library.
Modern technology offers your device the possibility to do the procedure in accordance with music processing technologies.
GooTile Ringtone offers you a harmonious symbiosis of the volume and quality and proposes you to modernize your device, adding there the very thing it needs.

It is a smart assistant in making new awesome ringtones.
Consider this we created hight level technology to create ringtones for your windows phone in few steps and few seconds, just bring your favorite song from library, mark the part you wish to be your ringtone and click the save button. All created ringtones can be found by tapping Ringtones button, you can view and listen your ringtones, send them via e-mail or download them by turning on http server [wi-fi connection must be turned on].
Download !!! APP FEATURE's !!!

- Easy to search favorite ringtones
- All new ringtones catalog with freshest ringtones
- Easily controls start time and end time!
- Supports popular audio-formats (MP3, M4A) - Makes the playback speed faster or slower!
- Dozens of thematic categories: Funny Sounds, Top, Christmas Tones, Classical, OST, Effects and many more!
- Browse featured, most popular or newest Ringtones
- Maker your own ringtones style (designer and cutter ringtone from any song on your phone library)
- Create unlimited ringtones using songs from your Library
- Use the microphone to record ringtones, text tones and alert tones
- Approximate size => 8.21 MB