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Polyphonic Ringtones – An Entertainment for All

Polyphonic ringtones seem to be presented as something that is associated with trendy teens wanting to show their latest pitch every time your phone
Posted on 2016-06-01

This Guy Makes Metal Versions Of Standard iPhone Ringtones

I'm sure you've been in public before and heard one of the generic iPhone ringtones go off, or you've accidentally selected one yourse
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Photo by George Douglas Peterson Big Breakfast is a rapper and producer out of Long Island who’s affiliated with the New York / New Jersey Sm
Posted on 2016-05-30

How You Can Convert Any MP3 Into A Ringtone For Free On Apple or Android Mobiles

While you can convert songs to ringtones on iTunes for $0.99, you can just as easily do it for free with a few more clicks. you'll need an unprotecte
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Mobile phone tunes get classy make over on the piano

Certain ring tones have become extremely famous over the years — especially the default ones that people just can’t be bothered to change.
Posted on 2016-05-29

[Quicktip] How To Sync iTunes From Mac to Android

Ever had the problem of getting your iTunes music from your Mac to your Android phone? Copying from one storage source to the other is fine, but it do
Posted on 2016-05-28

[Quicktip] How to Enable Half star Rating in iTunes

In your iTunes, there’s an option to rate your collection of songs and videos from 1 to 5 stars but no half-star rating. With full stars, you on
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11 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in iTunes, Tips & Tricks

iTunes – media library, music player, app organizer and the place to go when you want to sync your apps with your iDevices – has recently
Posted on 2016-05-27

[Quicktip] Creating Custom Ringtones For iPhone

Bored with using the same ringtone as every other iPhone user out there, or do you have a special part of a song that you want to put as your personal
Posted on 2016-05-26

How to Promote Your iOS App With iTunes App Meta Tag

Apple introduced a meta tag, called iTunes App Meta Tag, which makes it easy to promote your site app on your website. When the iTunes Meta App Tag i
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